What’s your Superjames?

Everyone has their own destination—whether it’s a killer road ride like “the Superjames” for which this bar is named, a short-order cook pounding out plates during the breakfast rush, or a nurse working the night shift on the weekend. Whatever your goal, grab a Superjames bar and get fueled up for the journey. Available in three tasty flavors, they’re made with simple, wholesome superfood ingredients you can see and recognize.


What’s your Superjames?



Known to friends as “the Merc,” the Jamestown Mercantile Cafe has served as meeting place and shared dining room for the mountain community of Jamestown, Colorado for over 100 years. We are a wild and friendly family, and we live every day by the Merc’s motto: “Home of the somewhat feral.” The Merc has provided hospitality to all kinds of people: from gold miners and painted ladies to residents, hippies and (more recently) cyclists.


“The Superjames” is the name of the epic vertical climb heading west from the Merc towards the peaks of the Continental Divide. It is a challenging and extreme road cycling route through the beautiful and rugged Front Range foothills, but the prizes for reaching the top—the satisfaction of finishing and a breathtaking view of the Colorado high country—make it all worthwhile.


Inspired by the strength and determination of the cyclists who attempt this route, the Merc created a portable meal to help propel these athletes to the top. Superjames Bars are made with natural, unprocessed ingredients like oats, coconut, dried cranberries and more to provide the clean fuel you need to complete your journey to the top—wherever you are. The scenic beauty of our hometown’s landscape and the athletes who ride it are constant sources of inspiration here at the Merc. Our tiny village home and friend to all, the Merc simply asks that everyone “share and enjoy.”

Super clean. Super tasty. Superjames.

Superjames Bars are named for the world-famous (and extremely strenuous) Superjames cycling route through the Colorado Front Range foothills. Made with natural, unprocessed ingredients like oats, coconut, dried cranberries and more, these delicious squares of pure superfood provide the clean fuel you need for your ride to the top—wherever life happens to be taking you today.



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